Fighting Childhood Hunger One Bar at a Time

[Name]: William Hauser

[Area of Expertise]: International Health and Nutrition

Will may not be a doctor, but he’s still an international proponent for health. He was convinced he would become a physician as both his parents are, but, as he tells us Continue reading


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Progressive Media with Christie George

[Name]: Christie George

[Organization]: New Media Ventures

[Area of Expertise]: Media for Progressive Change

New media has revolutionized how we do politics, and Christie George keeps progressives technologically on track. Her passion is in media for mission-related work, which she first explored while working in Continue reading

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Hub Stories: Let’s Talk Sustainable Business

[Name]: Jen Boynton


[Area of Expertise]: Media for Sustainable Business

Jen never dreamed of being Editor-in-Chief, but sometimes your passion finds you. She was an MBA student at Presidio Graduate School with no plans of going into business, looking instead to learn ways that the non-profit sector might maximize its reach. But then came Triple Pundit with an opportunity to write, and then she fell in love Continue reading


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Hub Stories: Transmedia Storytelling as Creative Problem-Solving

Aaron Ableman

Dave Room

[Names]: Aaron Ableman and Dave Room

[Organization]: Balance Edutainment

[Area of Expertise]:Culturally-Relevant Environmental Education via Trans-media Storytelling

Aaron and Dave have a story to tell and they’re tailoring it to the tech-inclined youth. The two teamed up in January of this year to start Balance Edutainment, an educational entertainment production firm that tackles environmental issues through pop culture, leading first and foremost with music. Their flagship initiative is Pacha’s Pajamas, the story of Continue reading

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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Happy Thanksgiving

Lucy and Charlie Brown never fail to make me smile:

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. I’m very thankful to you all; this has been a rollercoaster year of fun, challenges, and excitement. I hope everyone is winding down the year with positive energy, and looking towards well-deserved time with family and friends during the holidays.

Here is a reminder of this week’s staffing schedule. This Wednesday (11/23), staff will only be here a HALF DAY: NO STAFF BEGINNING AT 1 PM.  There will no NO STAFF THANKSGIVING DAY THROUGH THE WEEKEND.

That’s about it for this week!

Happy Thanksgiving, Hubbers.


[ Hub Calendar ] [ Hub Wellness ] [ Hub Clubs ]

Hub Workbench

Hub Workshop: Hub Masters (Hub Bay Area Toastmasters)

Every Tuesday, 6:30 – 8PM @Hub SF

Weekly Roll Ups provide our entrepreneurs, start ups, and larger community pertinent announcements at both our Hub locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. They are written by Tim Nichols ( and Jeff Shiau (

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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Milk and Cookies

Remember this poem by Robert Fulghum?

Let’s turn an activity that we loved in kindergarten, into a weekly ritual here at Hub Berkeley:

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Hub Voices: Be the Media with LoudSauce

[Name]: Colin Mutchler

[Title]: Founder of LoudSauce

[Areas of Expertise]: Crowd funded media, Creative Commons

Hub Voices captures stories of Hub Bay Area members who are working across sectors and geographic regions to change the status quo.  Have a listen to Colin’s story and hear how he is spreading the word about ideas that matter.

Presented by Hub Voices producer Tarek Al-Zand

in partnership with StoryCorps

Tarek Al-Zand is a freelance producer for the Hub Bay Area.  He has acted as an on-air host, sound editor and program director at numerous Canadian radio stations.  As an audio artist, Tarek is focused on non-linear storytelling and soundscapes.  Now a SF resident, Tarek is excited to capture the sounds of the Muni and the echoes of the alleys.

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Hub Stories: The Change-Making Power of Talk

[Name]: George Scharffenberger

[Organization]: UC Berkeley

[Area of Expertise]: International Development

George Scharffenberger is a talker in the finest sense of the word; his talk is the kind that changes the world. He is a practitioner of international development with a career spanning four decades and as many countries including Continue reading

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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Meet Jesse

Please Meet one of Hub Berkeley’s new Community and Programming Builders.

I’m excited to introduce you all to one of the Hub Squad’s new team members:

Jesse Sleamaker.

Why am I excited? I believe you’ll be pumped about the ideas he will bring to Hub Berkeley;  Hubbers will have a great time ideating with him; his creativity and energy will infect the space.

I can go on, but I thought I’d let Jesse introduce himself.

Jesse, take it away:

From Jesse—

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