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Hub Voices: From Competing to Co-inhabiting the Chronicle Building

[Name]: Deborah Cullinan

[Title]: Executive Director of Intersection for the Arts

[Areas of Expertise]: Performing Art, Visual Art, Youth Empowerment, Nonprofit Management

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Hub Stories: The Guru

[Name]: John Yuasa

[Areas of Expertise]: Nonprofit management, Government, Economic Development, Health, Housing, Diversity, Fundraising, Consulting, Food Justice, Transit

[Hub Berkeley Memory Lane]:

“My Spanish was pretty good, and because I didn’t look like a typical American, the people there thought I was Dominican. While other Peace Corps volunteers were getting yelled at– (“Go home Yanqui!”)– I could walk down the street un-harassed. They would all wave at me and say ‘Heyyy, Chino!” They thought I was the son of a local Chinese restaurant owner!” Continue reading


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