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Hub Stories: Ex-Firefighter Crunches Numbers to Stop Climate Change

[Name]: Dermot Hikisch
[Areas of Expertise]: Corporate sustainability, Third party evaluation, Business Development, Forest Ecology

[Memory Lane]:

“One of my earliest memories is from a hot summer in Canada, where there was a major forest fire that broke out twenty miles from my parent’s house. There’s this one photo of me where I’m standing in the little kids paddle pool and there’s a giant column of smoke behind me and I have this little hat on and I’m smiling away, half toothless, just a beautiful 90 degree day. Later that summer we got our first cat, and I named the cat “Smoky” and that always stuck with me. Fortunately, I was able to live one of my two childhood dreams: I didn’t go to the moon or anything, but I fought forest fires for eight years. The camaraderie of working in that industry was really fun, but it was also a nice step into ecology and conservation.” Continue reading


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Hub Stories: A Tale of Whiskey and Good Decisions

[Name]: Lindsey Franklin

[Areas of Expertise]: Climate Change, Political Organizing, Sustainability Initiatives for Small Businesses, Community Building

[Memory Lane]:

“There are a couple things I have been really proud of in my life. One was working on the Obama campaign, since it was the first real entrepreneurial thing I’d done. I was placed in a rural Republican county in Michigan, and for the first three weeks my office was a local McDonald’s. I was told to create a network of people who would vote for this presidential candidate: basically, I was tasked to build an organization all by myself, with no budget. By the end, we had a network of 200 active volunteers who were excited about what we were doing. The experience of building a functioning network in very little time, with no budget except my small stipend, was very valuable. I was actually on the phone with my head volunteer yesterday, and he was telling me how their last Democratic meeting was packed with over one hundred people in this small room. It made me feel that I really did something positive.” Continue reading


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