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6 responses to “Follow Us

  1. It was worth moving to San Francisco to be part of this dynamic community!

  2. We, a community foundation, are working on setting up a Hub-like center here on the US/Mexico border (Nogales area) inconcert with our sister foundation in Sonora. Would love to visit you guys – will be in SF on Feb 12. Are you available?
    When does the Mission site open?

    Keep up the great work – visit our website to see more including our short film on immigration.

  3. Ian Fenwick

    I live in San Luis Obispo but my interest but my strong interest in environmental and social issues always draws me to the Bay Area.

    Whilst reading some information about the Sustainable Business Alliance I saw a mention of the Hub Bay Area and checked out your site. I was especially interested to see two other Hubs in my native London. I hope to get the opportunity to visit your one at the Brower Center, and look forward to the opening of the SF Hub.

    Do you have any plans to expand southwards, or do you anticipate remaining a Bay Area operation? While I don’t think SLO would be ready for something like this right now, I could see it working for our Santa Barbara neighbors.

    I will definitely become a fan on Facebook and look forward to getting regular updates.

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