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Hub Voices: Be the Media with LoudSauce

[Name]: Colin Mutchler

[Title]: Founder of LoudSauce

[Areas of Expertise]: Crowd funded media, Creative Commons

Hub Voices captures stories of Hub Bay Area members who are working across sectors and geographic regions to change the status quo.  Have a listen to Colin’s story and hear how he is spreading the word about ideas that matter.

Presented by Hub Voices producer Tarek Al-Zand

in partnership with StoryCorps

Tarek Al-Zand is a freelance producer for the Hub Bay Area.  He has acted as an on-air host, sound editor and program director at numerous Canadian radio stations.  As an audio artist, Tarek is focused on non-linear storytelling and soundscapes.  Now a SF resident, Tarek is excited to capture the sounds of the Muni and the echoes of the alleys.

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Hub Ventures and Village Capital Investments

Hub Ventures and Village Capital are proud to announce that three social enterprises from the Spring 2011 cohort of Hub Ventures have been selected by their peers to receive $75,000 each in seed funding.

The three ventures are:  San + Co, founded by Swapnil Chaturvedi; Cloud Currencies, founded by Jon Underwood; and The Hoop Fund, founded by Patrick Donohue.These companies were chosen through an innovative peer selection process pioneered by Village Capital that puts investment decisions into the hands of the Hub Ventures program participants. Funding for each company will be split evenly between the Hub Ventures fund and First Light Ventures. Continue reading


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Hub Stories: Mystery Grant Fills NextDrop’s Bucket

[Name]: Anu Sridharan

[Areas of Expertise]: Civil Engineering, Mobile Technology, International Development, Women’s Empowerment

[Memory Lane]: 

“You know how you listen to music sometimes and it just brings you back to a certain time and place? I was listening to Pink in the car the other day, and I was brought back to when I was in middle school. And I just started crying. Because I realized that when I was younger I always just wanted to work in India– nothing job-specific, just that I wanted to make an impact there. And here I am, doing exactly that, full time. Thanks to Hub Ventures and just being very lucky, I am one of the few people that I can say I’m doing exactly what I always wanted to do when I was little.” Continue reading


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Hub Stories: Brothers from Mississippi Venture into Mobile Technology for Human Rights

[Name]: Kohl S Gill and Jake Astin Smith

[Sector Tags/Areas of Expertise]: Mobile Applications, Tech for change, Labor Rights, Human Rights, International Development

[Memory Lane] 

“The conference we’re at today is called ‘Advancing the New Machine: How do we use technology for human rights?’ It covers everything from election monitoring to geo-spatial mapping. I’m so excited to be a part of this. I was in India last year starting a pilot project, watching the recordings of this conference– and it was very inspirational to me. It’s such a blessing to be a part of it this year.” –Kohl S. Gill, Hub Ventures Participant 2011 Continue reading


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[Week Six] Hub Ventures : Leveraging Human Capital

This week in Hub Ventures, we dove into the topic of Leveraging Human Capital: How to attract world class talent to your organization, especially when financial resources are slim. Companies are always trying to figure out how to divide up equity and reward employees in an equitable manner.

The conversation began with Arno Harris from Recurrent Energy talking about his experience hiring various teams, what you are looking for in talent, and how to retain the best people. The topic then switched to a more straight forward explanation of equity structures and some do’s and don’ts to be aware of when offering stock options and equity to employees. One of the biggest points was to be aware of offering percentages, because Continue reading

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