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Hub Co-Design | The big wave

I am writing this post from Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I left Hub SoMa and before starting a co-design workshop with  the Hub Oaxaca community, I am living a new kind of experience:  work and enjoyment of outdoor activities in nature (I am piloting the outline of my new project called Netural!). Continue reading

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Hub Stories: Who Gives a Crap? Q&A with Designer Danny Alexander

[Name]: Danny Alexander

[Areas of Expertise]: Design for Social Impact, Mass-Market Sustainability, Industrial Design, Marketing, Supply Chain Analysis

[Memory Lane]:

“I was back and forth between the IDEO offices in San Francisco and Ghana for about three months on a project, a large part of which was spent prototyping. We brought five or six toilets with us to Ghana and essentially spent a couple weeks there leaving them with a number of families for 3 or 4 days each. We tested them by using them. It was an interesting process for sure. You learn a lot by prototyping, especially in a situation where you have to clean someone else’s crap out of a toilet.” Continue reading


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Hub Co-Design | Big Bang

Hi Hubbers!
I don’t know if you realised that we have tried to implement the acoustic quality inside of the Hubble SoMa.
It has been a curious process.


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Hub Stories: Hub Electrician Says “Lighting is Sexy”

[Name]: Sean McMurray

[Areas of Expertise]: Design, Electronics, Sales & Marketing

[Hub Berkeley Memory Lane]:

“It was humbling to walk in and meet with some of the top lighting designers in the Bay with just my concept drawings. They’d ask, ‘Where’s your prototype?’ and I didn’t have one. I wanted to ask first, build later. I listened to their input, and they told me exactly what they needed, but couldn’t find.   I needed a 75 watt incandescent equivalent not a 40 watt, so I put 16 LED’s into our light and just fought to get the price down. Now we have it– we did it.”


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Hub Stories: Freelance Designer Finds Community in California

[Name]: Maura Parente

[Areas of Expertise]: Universal Design, Partnerships, Peer Mentoring

[Memory Lane]:The Holiday party

“It was a joining of Hub SoMa and Hub Berkeley. Holiday parties are one of those typical office things that people look forward to, it gives you a sense of being a part of the community. We all kind of came together to let our guard down.”

Maura remembers rocking out on the dance floor and having a blast. “You see people in a different light, when they’re not in work mode. It’s really nice.”

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