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Hub Stories: Casting New Light on Oakland

[Name]: Gino Pastori-Ng

[Areas of Expertise]:  Youth Empowerment, Environmental Justice, Group Psychology, Local Food 

[Hub Memory Lane]

The Community Panel was amazing. Our  keynote speaker was this woman named Dr. Barbara Staggers, the leading adolescent health expert in the country. She specifically came early to address the youth in a small side room, before she addressed the whole audience. She told them what an honor it was to witness what they’re doing. The defining moment was when she got up to give her speech after seeing some of the youth presentations– and she was speechless. She thanked the youth, and it was really powerful. She was just in awe of the work that they’re doing. Continue reading

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Hub Stories: The Guru

[Name]: John Yuasa

[Areas of Expertise]: Nonprofit management, Government, Economic Development, Health, Housing, Diversity, Fundraising, Consulting, Food Justice, Transit

[Hub Berkeley Memory Lane]:

“My Spanish was pretty good, and because I didn’t look like a typical American, the people there thought I was Dominican. While other Peace Corps volunteers were getting yelled at– (“Go home Yanqui!”)– I could walk down the street un-harassed. They would all wave at me and say ‘Heyyy, Chino!” They thought I was the son of a local Chinese restaurant owner!” Continue reading


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