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Progressive Media with Christie George

[Name]: Christie George

[Organization]: New Media Ventures

[Area of Expertise]: Media for Progressive Change

New media has revolutionized how we do politics, and Christie George keeps progressives technologically on track. Her passion is in media for mission-related work, which she first explored while working in Continue reading

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Sparkseeds web of entrepeneurs

It is a great time to be a budding entrepeneur. Sparkseed has launched another social innovation competition- this one geared towards college students. It promises to provide seed money, mentoring and pro-bono professional services for the right collegiate changemakers.

Through this effort, Sparkseed is successfully expanding the web of entrepreneurs working in the social economy by finding social innovators early. If you want to support this effort, maybe spread the word to your almamater or any collegiates in your network. You can also track the progress of their entrepreneurs on the web, participate, and provide feedback as they grow and improve their ideas.

We here at the Hub are watching closely, excited to see these innovators graduate and come on in to join 🙂

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