Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Meet Jesse

Please Meet one of Hub Berkeley’s new Community and Programming Builders.

I’m excited to introduce you all to one of the Hub Squad’s new team members:

Jesse Sleamaker.

Why am I excited? I believe you’ll be pumped about the ideas he will bring to Hub Berkeley;  Hubbers will have a great time ideating with him; his creativity and energy will infect the space.

I can go on, but I thought I’d let Jesse introduce himself.

Jesse, take it away:

From Jesse—

I moved back to my native San Francisco in August, after a year spent studying urban growth, environment, and international development at Cambridge. Before moving to England, I worked in ocean conservation in Washington, D.C., travelled in the U.S. and South America, and studied Political Science and Comparative Literature at Northwestern.

After a few days working for the Hub Bay Area, I already know that I’ve joined a community at the center of something big. With so many diverse visions for a better world, our membership is both inspiring and hard to define. I have a sense that I’ve come home to a family of like-minded change-makers, and I am thrilled to be able to start my career playing a supporting role to the entrepreneurs and activists that I most admire. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you!

My interest in cities began growing up in San Francisco. I was enthralled by the city’s rich ecosystem of characters, and loved watching how spaces ‘curated’ public life and gave the city it’s magic. The Hub is a similarly rich place – it excites both my geeky academic side, and my entrepreneurial side.

Hangin’ with friends and family in the company of food, music, creative thinking, and wilderness are my favorite things in life. I’m a backpacker, skier, surfer, insatiable reader, and aspiring (but devoted) fiddle player. My professional interests include food systems and urban agriculture, community music, urban planning and development, spatial information technology, and outdoor education.

There you have it! Please welcome Jesse the next time you see him at Berkeley or SF!



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Hub Workbench

Hub Workshop: How to Make a Video that Doesn’t Suck for Under $100

Thursday, November 10, at Hub San Francisco

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Every Tuesday, 6:30 – 8PM @Hub SF

Weekly Roll Ups provide our entrepreneurs, start ups, and larger community pertinent announcements at both our Hub locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. They are written by Tim Nichols ( and Jeff Shiau (

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