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Hub Stories: Gavin Newsom’s Former Public Policy Director Celebrates Diversity in Community

[Name]: Joyce Newstat

[Areas of Expertise]: Political Campaigns, Social Work, Law, Policy Development, LGBT, Fundraising, Consulting, Community-Building, Civil Rights

[Memory Lane]:

“In 1963, my family moved into a place called Rochdale Village in Jamaica-Queens. It was the first large-scale integrated housing project in New York City– a huge social experiment during the Civil Rights movement. There were twenty buildings, thirteen stories each. Six-thousand families moved in, mostly Jewish and African American. It was 1963, and I was six years old. There was nothing I wanted more than community.” Continue reading


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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: There’s Some Conference Next Week?

Yes, indeed.

And if you are a Hub Member with amazing products or ideas, you get a chance for investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world to see them. How?

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Hub Stories: Harnessing the Wisdom of the Elders – Q&A with Ned Schaub

[Name]: Ned Schaub
[Areas of Expertise]: Nonprofit Consulting, Foundations, Palliative Care, Job Access and Mobility, Partnerships, Social Justice, Sustainability Planning, Business Planning

[Hub Berkeley Memory Lane]:

I was matched up with a 94 year old woman. She was in a nursing home near where I worked at the Moore foundation… The foundation had just been established and it was a crazy time. We were building everything from scratch, things were changing all the time. It was exciting but those were stressful days. Once a week I would go over and see her, and that would all just melt away. I was working 12-14 hours a day, and at that time I didn’t have a family, and I was doing this typical career thing where you’re operating with total tunnel vision. She pulled me out of that– and my isolation. Continue reading


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Hub Stories: The Guru

[Name]: John Yuasa

[Areas of Expertise]: Nonprofit management, Government, Economic Development, Health, Housing, Diversity, Fundraising, Consulting, Food Justice, Transit

[Hub Berkeley Memory Lane]:

“My Spanish was pretty good, and because I didn’t look like a typical American, the people there thought I was Dominican. While other Peace Corps volunteers were getting yelled at– (“Go home Yanqui!”)– I could walk down the street un-harassed. They would all wave at me and say ‘Heyyy, Chino!” They thought I was the son of a local Chinese restaurant owner!” Continue reading


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Hub Stories: Q&A with the Curator of Spices

[Name]: Chris Pemberton
[Areas of Expertise]: Cooking, International Development, Travel, Technology, Sustainability Consulting

[Hub Memory Lane]:

When Chris was on his honeymoon in Turkey, he encountered a unique spice blend he couldn’t forget. Baharat, which means “spices” in Arabic, is often used to season lamb, fish, chicken, beef, and soups in the Middle East. The spice left a certain sentimental memory on Chris’ palate that followed him home to the U.S., where “barbecue is serious business,” but something is still missing from the cooking experience.

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