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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Successful Bagels

 Noah sold his bagels for $100 million dollars.

Next week, there is a tremendous opportunity to learn from a entrepreneurial guru and business mensch. Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels, will be spending an evening to chat with Hubbers and entrepreneurs. Why did he make certain decisions? Why was he so keen on serving the community? Continue reading


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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Mushroom Party

Terrace Lunch with These Guys Next Wednesday:

Over the next week, you’ll see a bunch of these mushroom kits growing in the space. And we’ll have a Guest Chef drop by to cook them during Sexy Salad on July 27. How can you participate? Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Hub San Francisco!!

Happy Anniversary Hubbers!!

Well folks, it’s been an intense and exciting 12 months, but we made it through the first year. When we opened our doors on May 17, 2010, we had no idea what we were in for. On numbers alone, we have surpassed all other Hubs in size of space, number of events, and of course, members. We have created the most vibrant, most diverse, and most active community in the network. And we haven’t slowed down yet. Hub Workbench, Hub Clubs, Sexy Salad…this is all you and this is just the beginning. And in less than 2 months, we will double the physical size we are now by adding 14 new offices within 10,000 sq. ft. on the second floor of the Chronicle Building.  Excited? Continue reading

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