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Hub Voices: Be the Media with LoudSauce

[Name]: Colin Mutchler

[Title]: Founder of LoudSauce

[Areas of Expertise]: Crowd funded media, Creative Commons

Hub Voices captures stories of Hub Bay Area members who are working across sectors and geographic regions to change the status quo.  Have a listen to Colin’s story and hear how he is spreading the word about ideas that matter.

Presented by Hub Voices producer Tarek Al-Zand

in partnership with StoryCorps

Tarek Al-Zand is a freelance producer for the Hub Bay Area.  He has acted as an on-air host, sound editor and program director at numerous Canadian radio stations.  As an audio artist, Tarek is focused on non-linear storytelling and soundscapes.  Now a SF resident, Tarek is excited to capture the sounds of the Muni and the echoes of the alleys.

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Hub Stories: Ex-Firefighter Crunches Numbers to Stop Climate Change

[Name]: Dermot Hikisch
[Areas of Expertise]: Corporate sustainability, Third party evaluation, Business Development, Forest Ecology

[Memory Lane]:

“One of my earliest memories is from a hot summer in Canada, where there was a major forest fire that broke out twenty miles from my parent’s house. There’s this one photo of me where I’m standing in the little kids paddle pool and there’s a giant column of smoke behind me and I have this little hat on and I’m smiling away, half toothless, just a beautiful 90 degree day. Later that summer we got our first cat, and I named the cat “Smoky” and that always stuck with me. Fortunately, I was able to live one of my two childhood dreams: I didn’t go to the moon or anything, but I fought forest fires for eight years. The camaraderie of working in that industry was really fun, but it was also a nice step into ecology and conservation.” Continue reading


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Hub Stories: Who Gives a Crap? Q&A with Designer Danny Alexander

[Name]: Danny Alexander

[Areas of Expertise]: Design for Social Impact, Mass-Market Sustainability, Industrial Design, Marketing, Supply Chain Analysis

[Memory Lane]:

“I was back and forth between the IDEO offices in San Francisco and Ghana for about three months on a project, a large part of which was spent prototyping. We brought five or six toilets with us to Ghana and essentially spent a couple weeks there leaving them with a number of families for 3 or 4 days each. We tested them by using them. It was an interesting process for sure. You learn a lot by prototyping, especially in a situation where you have to clean someone else’s crap out of a toilet.” Continue reading


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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Something New

This Is The Start Of Something New.

In the past month, the Hub Squad has been putting a lot of focus around improving internal communication between members. 900 members can be everything, but can also become intimidating very quickly. Continue reading

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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Raw Matching Power

People are on the Hunt.

People are looking to build great teams. Here’s a great blog post from back in April, posted by folks over at CrowdSpring. It goes into some key factors when putting your team together. Hubbers are looking to match with partners, executives, and co-conspirators. The registration is picking up for this Thursday’s Hub Matching: Founders for Change event, sponsored by our partners at Dominican University Green MBA, and there’s a great extended network showing up. Continue reading

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Hub Stories: The Woman with a Million Ideas

[Name]: Susie Wyshak

[Areas of Expertise]: Serendipitous Collision, Brainstorming, Starting Up on a Shoe String, Artisanal Food, Customer Experience, Writing      


[Memory Lane]: 

Couchsurfers just want to meet people, see the world, and enjoy life. That’s what I love about couch-surfing: you never know what’ll happen. Recently I met the coolest couple from Barcelona for lunch. I took them to the Cheeseboard, but after I felt like I hadn’t had enough! So we had breakfast the next day, and I took them on a little food tour in West Berkeley. I thought: this is amazing! I should start a  food tour here! I hadn’t realized how densely there were a few places to go. I took them to the Takara Sake plant, and June Taylor jams: she loves when people come in, and she’s the ultimate artisan. And then there’s Vik’s Chaat House, a popular Indian house; and Cultured, with the pickles and sauerkraut. They don’t really have a tour, but they’re there chopping and you can taste. After a stop at the Hub where they felt the vibe, they said “We don’t want to leave Berkeley!” Continue reading


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Co-working: the end of loneliness

Nathaniel Whittemore of change.org published a  stellar post on 5 things necessary for any local start-up ecosystem. He points out that, “People are the lifeblood of any startup ecosystem; if you don’t have them, you don’t have anything.” His list focuses on how these great people find and connect with each other, including through workspaces, events, exposure to diversity and proximity to money. These are all aspects we’re working hard (with your help) to provide here at the hub as we nurture an eco-system for social entrepeneurs.

As the holiday season winds down, I’d also like to suggest just one more thing the Hub provides our bay area changemakers: an end to holiday office party envy! Admit it. While most of us revel in the independence and self-determination of working for ourselves, sometimes you miss the socialization of a thriving, vibrant office community. That’s why it was such a joy to celebrate the holiday season with fellow members here at the Hub. You’ll find some pictures of this great event over at flickr.

Thanks to all whom attended and made this gathering so vibrant and enjoyable. I look forward to many more such gatherings in 2010.


p.s. see you bright and early Monday morning over at Hub Berkeley- my favorite place to ring in the work week! Until then, happy Friday.

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