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SOCAP has given you a $20 gift to invest in global microfinance!

Let’s invest $150,000 in global microfinance!

Here’s the best part: it doesn’t come out of your pocket. We’re giving you $20 to do it!

Redeem your $20 Microplace gift certificate and make an investment to help stabilize the finances of 5 poor people in Cambodia. And that’s just the beginning. Your investment can earn you interest, and, after it has matured, you can either cash it out or reinvest it! Continue reading


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Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: “Hello, My Name Is”

Meredith is Gone. Over the past few weeks, everybody expressed a lot of sadness for her departure, but also a lot of joy for all the new adventures she has ahead. Meredith leaves a tremendous Hub legacy that I am hoping to live up to, and continue to grow. I encourage everybody to stay in touch with her; I’m sure there will be plenty of Meredith-Sightings in SF and Berkeley, and hopefully around the Hub in the years to come. Following up on her all-too-kind introduction from last week, I’d like to say “Hello” to you all.

My name is Jeff. My full name is Jeffrey Chad Shiau. I’m South Bay (Cupertino) born and raised, ventured south to San Diego for college, and have been back in the Bay Area ever since. I discovered the Hub through a chance-conversation with a fellow member, Amanda West (of ‘Amanda’s’ in Berkeley), who introduced me to our favorite Argentinean, Santiago Halty. I was working on an idea to address single-use problems that dominate social activities; you might have seen our pilot idea in the listserve, The MeeBox. I became a work-trade member, became more and more involved in Hub operations and initiatives, and the rest is history. Presented with the opportunity, it didn’t take me long to make this decision.


Because I love helping people build their idea. I love expanding what they currently have. And the Hub fosters an extraordinary community of the greatest ideas: ideas that measure success not just on the financial bottom-line, but through social and environmental impact.

This is my first full week, and I can’t express how excited I am to collaborate with you all in making the Hub your home, and helping everybody succeed in changing the world. PLEASE come chat with me during Sexy Salad Wednesday and Wine Down Friday this week; shoot suggestions, tell me to get a haircut, say anything! Thank you for taking the time to read this longer Roll-Up. I promise it’ll be shorter from here on out.

Cheers, because they are better than Boos.


Labor Day on Monday, September 6.
I understand ideas never rest, but the Brower Center does, and it will be closed on Monday.

County Line Harvest (Berkeley Tuesdays, SoMa Mondays)
Delicious box of veges, as usual, from 4:00-6:00 PM. Bring $25, and go home happy.

Hub Business Cards
Don’t forget you can get a pretty sweet discount, look ultra cool, and stay sustainable with Hub sponsored, Greener Printer business cards. Remember to use “BAHUB” When you ‘Check Out’.

Upcoming Hub Bay Area Events

Ryan Rigoli Leadership Coaching
(This Wednesday, September 1, 2:00-4:00 PM)

Compathos Film with Social Impact Director Series @ The Hub: “Return to El Salvador” with SPEAKER: Director Jamie Moffett
(This Thursday, September 2, 7:30-10:00 PM)

Exchanging the “Blueprint of ME.” Building the “Blueprint of WE.”
The State of Grace Document
Introduction and Conversation at the Bay Area HUB SoMa
(September 16, 6:00-8:00 PM)

Green Speed Networking hosted by Sustainable Business Alliance and Hub Bay Area

(September 13, 6:30-8:30 PM)

Recycled Re-Mix at Intersection 5M
(September 9, 6:00-8:00 PM)

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Hub SoMa’s First Day – Radical Collaboration Begins!

The smell of hot coffee and waffles inspired our members as they arrived for their first day of work at our new SoMa location.  It was a busy day for the Hub staff with over 50 members in the space from organizations such as, International Futures Forum, Feel Good World, Mercy Corps, Adaptive Edge, Reach Global, and Red Magnet Media to name a few.

Radical collaboration happened in the flesh at Hub SoMa yesterday and we are very excited to see all that transpires in our first few months. 

Jocelyn Wyatt of IDEO gave our first brown bag lunch, and we had deliveries of Numi Tea, and Adina beverages are flowing.   Just a few perks our members enjoyed along with our non-stop caffeine fix courtesy of Equal Exchange!

Our partner Intersection for the Arts continued installing their exhibit “Let’s Talk of a System” and will be opening their space to the public May 19th at 6pm.

Come visit us in the new space!  If you can’t make it before May 27th, join us at our launch party to see our vision come to life. 

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Wish Fundraising was Easier? Introducing CauseShare!

Fundraising is tough, but it is also a great opportunity to bring together the people who care about what you do everyday. Dave Adams, a member of the Hub recently launched CauseShare,  a new online fundraising tool that was designed to help people and small organizations with big ideas bring together their community to raise money online.  A fundraising campaign on CauseShare gives you and all the people who care about what you do a CauseShare page, equipped with commerce and sharing tools that helps great people become great fundraisers. Learn more about it by watching Dave’s interview below.
Way to go Dave! We wish you success with your new venture.

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West Coast Village Capital Status

Congratulations to all of the selected participants of the West Coast Village Capital Program! Just to recap, the WCVC’s goal is to bring social entrepreneurs together and give them the resources they need to launch, grow and expand their business ideas. The bright folks who are selected, work in small groups to evaluate one another’s business models and potential for investments. Those businesses that are seen to have the most potential are given seed money to grow their business. The Hub is, in part, facilitating the networking and meeting space component of the program.

Alana Lea is a selected participant of the West Coast Village Capital program. Below she discusses her business, Rainforest Eco, LLC which sells exclusive botanical designs on quality, eco-textiles to the fashion and interior design markets to help drive reforestation initiatives in the Atlantic Rainforest near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Stay tuned for more updates and interviews on this exciting program!

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Social Change Spotlight: Dwight Wilson

Ever wondered what you can get out of working with a community of like- minded individuals, working to create a better social economy? Meet Dwight Wilson, one of the Hub’s first members, who worked out of the Hub to begin incubating his idea for a global Peace Corps-style program of nternational volunteer service for the world’s young people . Watch this video to learn more about his initiative

Way to go Dwight! We are all rooting for your success here at the Hub Bay Area!

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Social Media- How can you use it to your advantage?

Social Media has taken over nearly all of our lives in some way or another. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting your message out to a large and diverse group of people. The New York Times featured an article last week about  how the American Red Cross  as well as other disaster relief organizations are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to raise money for the Haiti relief effort. People can simply text in donations with their mobile phones which is leading people to be more aware and allows them  way able to contribute firsthand. Read about it here.

This week the Hub is highlighting the importance of using social media as a tool to advance social entrepreneurship and social ventures.

Tonight, Noah Flower, will be leading a discussion,Tech 2.0, in which he will be sharing insights into “working wikiliy.” He will talk about the research and client work done by the Monitor Institute in the realm of social media as a strategic tool in the the social sector. It is a great opportunity to learn how to use this new phenomenon in your work and meet other like minded entrepreneurs. RSVP at

Tomorrow, Zach Berke Founder of  Exygy, will be holding office hours at the Hub to give one on one , 30 minute consults from 12-5 p.m in the Hubble. Exygy is a custom software development shop that works with social entrepreneurs to enhance their organizations. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and sign up for a slot by writing!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is also Sexy Salad Day! Bring a salad ingredient and have lunch with the Hub staff and members 🙂

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