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Hub Stories: The Woman with a Million Ideas

[Name]: Susie Wyshak

[Areas of Expertise]: Serendipitous Collision, Brainstorming, Starting Up on a Shoe String, Artisanal Food, Customer Experience, Writing      


[Memory Lane]: 

Couchsurfers just want to meet people, see the world, and enjoy life. That’s what I love about couch-surfing: you never know what’ll happen. Recently I met the coolest couple from Barcelona for lunch. I took them to the Cheeseboard, but after I felt like I hadn’t had enough! So we had breakfast the next day, and I took them on a little food tour in West Berkeley. I thought: this is amazing! I should start a  food tour here! I hadn’t realized how densely there were a few places to go. I took them to the Takara Sake plant, and June Taylor jams: she loves when people come in, and she’s the ultimate artisan. And then there’s Vik’s Chaat House, a popular Indian house; and Cultured, with the pickles and sauerkraut. They don’t really have a tour, but they’re there chopping and you can taste. After a stop at the Hub where they felt the vibe, they said “We don’t want to leave Berkeley!” Continue reading


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