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Hub Stories: New Hub Member Uses Improv to Transform the Unacceptable

[Name]: Pamela Hawley

[Title]: CEO and Founder of UniversalGiving

[Areas of Expertise]: Charitable Giving, Volunteering, Social Justice, Poverty, Blogging, Sales, Business Development, Corporate Social Responsibility

[Memory Lane]:

“At the age of twelve, I was on a family trip in Mexico. My dad and I were wandering around at a traditional marketplace, and we veered off into a little cul de sac. I remember seeing so many starving children there, unwashed, maimed, some without legs… I was beyond shocked. I just remember looking at my dad in absolute awe. And the word “UNACCEPTABLE” became imprinted across my mind…” Continue reading


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Hub Stories: Brooklyn-born Engineer Brings Game Face to the Bay

[Name]: Adam Archer

[Areas of Expertise]: Tech, Computer Science, Gaming, Charitable Giving, Cause Marketing, Sales

[Memory Lane]:

“I think I was always interested in technology, even as a young kid.  I remember when I was really little, my dad brought home an IBM, I was probably eight.  It just fascinated me that there was this machine that you could type on and do certain things, I wanted to understand how it worked, internally.” Continue reading

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