Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Everything’s Amazing

Let’s bring some humor to a situation:

In light of Tuesday’s Downtown Berkeley power outage, and the subsequent exodus (“no internet, agh!”), it reminded me of this comedian’s bit about how “Everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy.” 

It reminded me of 3 particular things that I’ve noticed puts me on a short fuse (and other folks, too!): 1. When I’m hungry, 2. When my accounts get tampered with, and 3. When the internet is down.

Then I’m reminded of some of the amazing work Hubbers are doing around the world, for example, with people who have to think about where to get water every. single. day. And this immediately brings me back down to Earth.

There’s some great Workbench and Event items over the next two weeks, some of which can help bring down the stress and trauma in your life, and knowledge that can help extend your fuse. Be sure to check them out!

And remember to breathe.



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Hub Workbench

Hub Lab Sexy Salad Discussion: Chat with Acupuncturist, Marie Bowser

TODAY, Wednesday, Oct 12, @Hub Berk

Hub Lab: How Oppression Shows Up in Our Bodies

THIS Thursday, Oct 13, @Hub SF

Hub Workshop with Skillshare: How to Make Chocolate

THIS Thursday, Oct 13, @Hub SF

Hub Workshop: Hub Masters (Hub Bay Area Toastmasters)

Every Tuesday, @Hub SF

Weekly Roll Ups provide our entrepreneurs, start ups, and larger community pertinent announcements at both our Hub locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. They are written by Tim Nichols ( and Jeff Shiau (


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