Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Did Anything Break?

I hope not.

Unfortunately, I’m still recovering a bit from a health hiccup, but I will be back in the office in no time!

Autumn is upon us, which means a ton of opportunities to connect over the next few months. You can explore great stuff that’s happening at both SF and Berkeley by browsing the Hub Events Calendar. Outside of the Hub, we’ve previously highlighted Green For All’s Green Business Academy and the SXSW ECO event in October.

We have one more great event happening outside of the Hub, with our friends over at Slow Money. Their 3rd Annual Gathering is happening mid way through October. If you are a Hub Member, be sure to view your Weekly Roll Up for the special discounted registration link!

Lastly, as nose-to-the-grindstone changemakers, sometimes it’s hard planning team building and appreciation activities for your company! Enter Watku. They are pros, and want to help Hubbers organize this supremely important task! For a pilot activity, they’ve organized a great Beer and Tea Tasting next Tuesday! Limited Seats, so register soon.

Did you see all the Awesome in the Hub Workbench?


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Hub Workbench

Hub Workshop with Skillshare: From Fashion Zero to Fashion Hero

Wednesday, Sept 21 @ Hub SF

Hub Lab: It’s All About the Perks – Creating Winning Employee Benefit Strategies

Thursday, Sept 22, @Hub Berk

Hub Lab: Too Much Information! A Journalist’s Guide to Taming your Data and Managing the Web

Thursday, Sept 22, @Hub SF

Hub Office Hours: Social Media with Triple Pundit

Thursday, Sept 22, @Hub Berk

Hub Workshop with Skillshare: Gathering Insights from Twitter Metrics

Monday, Sept 26, @Hub SF

Hub Workshop with Skillshare: The New Ethic of Not Knowing

Wednesday, Sept 28, @Hub SF

Weekly Roll Ups provide our entrepreneurs, start ups, and larger community pertinent announcements at both our Hub locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. They are written by Tim Nichols ( and Jeff Shiau (


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