Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: 5 Food Leaders Convening in 1 Place

Michael Pollan is Among Many Leaders That Move the Food World.

5 of these leaders will convene at Hub San Francisco tonight, Tuesday, and join Penelope Douglas, Hub/SOCAP Board President, in lively discussion. Who are these leaders?

Check out this event registration for the full line up of rockstars leading social enterprise in food sectors.

Also, SOCAP 11′ is in 3 weeks. Get registered soon. If you’re a Hub Member, email for the 30% discount!



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Hub Stories

“I think I was always interested in technology, even as a young kid. I remember when I was really little, my dad brought home an IBM, I was probably eight. It just fascinated me that there was this machine that you could type on and do certain things, I wanted to understand how it worked, internally.”

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Weekly Roll Ups provide our entrepreneurs, start ups, and larger community pertinent announcements at both our Hub locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. They are written by Tim Nichols ( and Jeff Shiau (


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