Meet your hosts : Lucas Ho

Lucas Hub Intern

Meet Lucas at Hub Berkeley

Hello Hub Bay Area,

I’m Lucas, the new intern at Hub Berkeley. The first day of my training is full and satisfactory because I had the delicious omelet with Back to the Roots’ mushrooms for my lunch. The second day I have gone to the opening anniversary office party of Hub SoMa, where I had a good time to meet with inspiring individuals. The experience affirms my belief in social entrepreneurship: to start something meaningful, and to expand the visions. I am very looking forward to being here to explore, and to put myself into various social business adventures.

I came from Macau, a small city next to Hong Kong, which comprises of both Eastern Asia and Western Europe cultures and architectures.  The vision of social entrepreneurship and multi-bottom lines company is not yet a familiar idea in there; one of my career goals is to introduce the for-profit –fixing-social-ills industry to the fast developing Chinese economies.

I am gonna be a senior in UC Berkeley to finish my undergraduate study in Political Economy and Public Policy. I am interested in the work of international development (and at certain extent can handle lunch talk in American and world politics pretty okay). Music plays a big role in my daily life; I would love to see you in Treasure Island or Coachella music festival!

So here we go. Hope to get to know you more soon!


Lucas Ho
Hub Berkeley Intern


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