Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Successful Bagels

 Noah sold his bagels for $100 million dollars.

Next week, there is a tremendous opportunity to learn from a entrepreneurial guru and business mensch. Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels, will be spending an evening to chat with Hubbers and entrepreneurs. Why did he make certain decisions? Why was he so keen on serving the community? Every attendee will receive a free copy of his book on being a business mensch. Be sure to register for this talk happening next Thursday, August 4

And don’t forget to come eat mushrooms TOMORROW with Back to the Roots, and party down at Hub San Francisco’s Anniversary this Friday.  

Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Try it.


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Weekly Roll Ups provide our entrepreneurs, start ups, and larger community pertinent announcements at both our Hub locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. They are written by Tim Nichols ( and Jeff Shiau (

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