Meet your hosts : Tori Steere

Hi Hubbers!
My name is Tori Steere and I’m a SoMa host as well as part of the billing team. I grew up in the South, amongst farmland and southern hospitality. I say y’all allll the time and am addicted to sweet tea. I moved to Boston for college and had an amazing time (especially being a Boston sports fan!), although I did not get used to the snow. I recently moved to San Francisco and am enjoying getting to know my new home.


I love to do yoga and sail. I would love to sail in the Pacific, especially in the Bay. And I always enjoy a great cup of coffee; Philz is definitely my favorite so far, but suggestions are welcome!!

I can pretty much be summed up by my favorite quote: “I know not all that may be coming, but I’ll go to it laughing.”

And if you need a dose of cuteness, watch this:

Can’t wait to see you around the Hub!

Tori Steere

Hub San Francisco Host

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