Meet your hosts : Cat Mungcal

Hi HUB community,

When I was in the 8th grade, I transferred middle schools, and when they found out that there were 3 Christina’s in our classroom, we all got a nickname. I was into Hello Kitty at the time, and over the year, I became Cat.

So, yes, Cat with a “C”, and no—not short for Catrina or Catherine. Just Cat.

I have a habit of picking myself up and throwing myself into places where I’m totally lost and alone. I grew up here in the Bay Area then I lived in Lakeland, Florida for a year, North side Chicago for 3, and brief stints in Thailand and Laos. I’ve been in the Bay again for a little over a year, but surprisingly don’t feel the itch to leave—-yet.

I love watching people interact with one another, and just want to enable people to do good and interesting things.

I’m around on Monday and Tuesdays, probably washing a dish or fluffing up pillows.

Cat Mungcal
Hub SoMa Host


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One response to “Meet your hosts : Cat Mungcal

  1. Welcome Cat!!

    The Berkeley Hub is a lovely space to hang your energy hat!

    I look forward to meeting you in the future!


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