[Hub Inspirations] Carpe Diem

Do you fully live out the present?

When I was a high school student, I was sick and tired of everything. I thought everything around me wasn’t interesting.. I had no dreams or goals to achieve. I was just wasting time.

On one of my days of boredom, I came across a movie “the dead poets society”. Heroes in the movie seemed like me – teenagers that don’t know what to do for their future.

Enter the new teacher – he encourages them to find their own way.

He says,

“Seize the day”.

When I heard this, I felt like something woke my sleeping brain. I asked myself, “Am I doing my best? Have I even tried to find my way?” I finally realized that things WERE interesting around me. I simply haven’t tried to find what I like and am interested in.

“Seize the day.” To me it means, do your best in the present for your future. After that, living out each day given to me gratefully, has become the instruction of my life. Because, I don’t want to lose out on a single day of my life anymore.

I’m going to watch the movie again this weekend

Aaron Park,
A social media intern at Hub Berkeley

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