Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Give Feedback with a Milkstache

We’re going to start with 16 boxes.

They will be paired with question slips that you’ll hopefully fill out. This flow of input and ideas will help the Hub community continue to thrive. “Jeff, haven’t you thought of using technology, you know, things like the computer and internet?” Yes, and we will have these systems up as well! That’s what I love about the Hub; mixing tactile, natural elements, with tech. Keep an eye out!

And while you’re by the kitchen giving some feedback, why not humor yourself, and possibly win a $50 Amazon Gift Card? All you have to do is put on a sexy Straus Milk Mustache. It’s a simple Facebook photo contest. Ask your Berkeley Host to help you get your photo up on our Facebook album, and get your friends to vote your picture up ASAP!

Lastly, you’ve been hearing the buzz for a while now…Hub Offices are opening soon, and we’re going to party on July 28, along with the Hub San Francisco First Year Anniversary! Register soon, and get your party shoes ready!


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Hub Stories

“I was back and forth between the IDEO offices in San Francisco and Ghana for about three months on a project, a large part of which was spent prototyping. We brought five or six toilets with us to Ghana and essentially spent a couple weeks there leaving them with a number of families for 3 or 4 days each. We tested them by using them. It was an interesting process for sure. You learn a lot by prototyping, especially in a situation where you have to clean someone else’s crap out of a toilet.”

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Hub Workbench

Hub Lab Sexy Salad Discussion: Office Ergonomics

THIS WEDNESDAY, July 13, at Hub Berkeley

Hub WebCast: TEDGlobal Hub Simulcast

THIS WEDNESDAY, July 13, at Hub San Francisco

Hub Lab: Personal Development Through Entrepreneurship

THIS THURSDAY, July  14, at Hub San Francisco

Hub Lab: Enneagram for Business

Thursday, July 21, at Hub San Francisco 


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