Hub Co-Design | The big wave

I am writing this post from Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I left Hub SoMa and before starting a co-design workshop with  the Hub Oaxaca community, I am living a new kind of experience:  work and enjoyment of outdoor activities in nature (I am piloting the outline of my new project called Netural!).

Today was a great day for me because for the first time I surfed the waves in the ocean.

I have always enjoyed looking at surfers on their boards. I like how they wait for the right wave. You can perceive it in their faces and in their bodies. Maybe the wave takes time to arrive, but they know that it will come. They have to be focused on that and get ready to surf when the time is right. They have to believe in it.

The last design piece I worked on at the Hub is called Surfing Lounge. I like the idea that every hubber as a surfer can sit on that and wait for his wave, gathering with others hubbers /surfers.  Contacts and relationship  dynamics help increase vitality; that’s the principle of life. It is all about communication. The possibility to talk about oneself, to relate to one another, to share, to be a protagonist. Everyone is so extraordinary and unique.

I really wish for everyone to surf on this lounge and to find the big wave that you are waiting for.

I want to thank Cory Smith, Danny Bocanegra, Josh Furnas, Robin Waldroup, Maura Dilley, Teri Flynn, Tim Freundlich, Tim Nichols, Trevor Soper  for their collaboration during my stay at Hub SoMa and all the Hubbers for their feedback and ideas.

It was such a challenging and inspiring experience!

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