Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Something New

This Is The Start Of Something New.

In the past month, the Hub Squad has been putting a lot of focus around improving internal communication between members. 900 members can be everything, but can also become intimidating very quickly.

How can we empower members to perpetuate valuable information, and crowd-suggest tools and resources to one another?

How can we better filter 900 members into customizeable buckets for each member?

These are just couple of questions permenanently situated on our drawing board. Our primary goals are to help you with achieving your Purpose and help you continue adding to your Tribe.

A few platforms will be released over the next month, so keep an eye out.

Hope everybody had a great 4th of July Weekend!


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Hub Voices

[Name] Deborah Cullinan

[Title] Executive Director of Intersection of the Arts

[Areas of Expertise] Performing Arts, Visual Art, Youth Empowerment, Nonprofit Management

Hub Workbench

Hub Lab Sexy Salad Discussion: Start with Breakfast!

THIS WEDNESDAY, July  6, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: Test Your Product Before It Tests You

THIS THURSDAY, July 7, at Hub San Francisco 

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