Hub Ventures and Village Capital Investments

Hub Ventures and Village Capital are proud to announce that three social enterprises from the Spring 2011 cohort of Hub Ventures have been selected by their peers to receive $75,000 each in seed funding.

The three ventures are:  San + Co, founded by Swapnil Chaturvedi; Cloud Currencies, founded by Jon Underwood; and The Hoop Fund, founded by Patrick Donohue.These companies were chosen through an innovative peer selection process pioneered by Village Capital that puts investment decisions into the hands of the Hub Ventures program participants. Funding for each company will be split evenly between the Hub Ventures fund and First Light Ventures. This announcement follows a successful Hub Ventures Investor Day on June 16, during which over 130 attendees heard outstanding 5-minute pitches from the program participants. Over 50 impact investors attended the event, and many are actively following up with Hub Ventures companies pursuing investment opportunities.

Hub Ventures would like to congratulate the three peer-selected ventures as well as the entire spring cohort, which represents an outstanding group of high-potential social entrepreneurs.

Company Overviews:

San + CO, founded by Swapnil Chaturvedi, addresses the 93 million slum dwellers in India that lack access to basic sanitation and electricity, resulting in thousands of deaths per day caused by poor sanitation and dirty fuels. By leveraging proven technologies to convert human waste into electricity, the San+Co model provides sanitation solutions and off-grid electricity to urban poor living in the slums of India. San+Co aims to provide sanitation to 1 million people in 5 years.

Cloud Currencies, founded by Jon Underwood, is a highly effective web-based Cause Marketing & Open-Loop Loyalty Marketing Platform that increases spending at local merchants. Consumers can register any credit or debit card in their wallet, and immediately earn donations for their favorite nonprofit and local currency credits for themselves every time they make a purchase at a participating local merchant.

The Hoop Fund, founded by Patrick Donohue, uses crowd-funding to unlock “investor-driven” demand for fair trade and sustainable products. Like a combination of Kiva + Groupon, the Hoop leverages their network of partnerships to combine deals on products that do good with microloans to the farmers and artisans who make them: turning customers into investors with personal stories of impact.



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  4. Good day


    The project was developed under the Agro specific region Chernigov region, Ukraine, and is regarded as a regional investment projects in the area. This will create over 100 jobs.
    This project has the support of district administration (letter attached).

    Under this project will be established agricultural company (Ltd.), provided that the investor nademsya in your face.

    In the agricultural firm will be transferred to buildings, agricultural land on lease for a period 49 years for agricultural firms.

    1 Point.
    1. Quail farm.
    2. Production bio-fuels.
    2. Point.
    1. Ostrich farm.
    2. Farms pheasant.
    3. Farms guinea fowl.
    4. Rabbits ferma.
    5. Farm for growing sheep.
    Details on E-mail: serg.curnosov @

    Summary of the project
    1. Essence of the project
    • Foundation of agricultural firm of closed type.
    2. Scope of activity, place of the project realization
    • Growth of: quails, pheasants, guinea fowls, ostriches (eggs, meat)
    • Sheeps (meat, skin)
    • Rabbit (meat, skin)
    • Cereals (formula-feed plant)
    • Plant for bio-fuels production
    • Ukraine, Chernihiv region
    3. Description of the product.
    • Food, hatching eggs, bio-fuel.
    4. Total cost of the project
    • 10 000 000 $
    5. Sum of investments. 5 000 000 $
    • The costs of quail farm (100 000- egg breed; 300 000-meat breed)—1 000 000 $ (acquisition and installation of equipment, breeding stock, maintenance facilities, salaries of employees.)
    • The costs of the production of bio-fuel (capacity 34 tons per day)—3 500 000$ (purchase and installation of equipment, repair facilities, salaries of employees)
    • The costs of the production of animal feed (capacity of 10 tons per day)—1500 000 $ $ (purchase and installation of equipment, salaries of employees)
    • The costs of rabbit farm (2100 rabbit dams) –700 000 $ (purchase and installation of equipment, repair facilities, salaries of employees)
    • The costs of an ostrich farm (25 families)-600 000 $ (purchase and installation of equipment, repair facilities, salaries of employees)
    • The costs of the farm of pheasants and guinea fowls (1 000-pheasants, 2 000 guinea fowls)–300 000(purchase and installation of equipment, breeding herd, repair facilities, salaries of employees)
    • The cost of sheep breeding (1 000 heads) — 400 000 $ (purchase and installation of equipment, breeding herd, repair facilities, salaries of employees)
    6. Repayment of the loan during the fifth year in equal parts.
    7. Estimated payback period
    • 5 years
    8. Term of investment
    • 5 years
    9. Annual turnover
    • 25 000 000$
    10. Sales of the product, advertising
    • Ukraine, foreign countries
    11. Business plan
    • Yes
    12. Stage of the project development (pre-starting, starting, expanding)
    • Starting
    13. Buildings, structures, land, human resources.
    14. The contribution of the investor.
    • Provision of the capital equals to 5 000 000 $
    15. Contact
    person : Curnosov Sergey Anatolyevich .t.+38 050 443 15 56
    16. E-mail:

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