Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up: Reboot for Summer

Hey Hubbers

You may have noticed an absence in last week’s Roll Up…my apologies. I had a bit of family time down in the tropics, but don’t worry, I was thinking of you the whole time!

The fog out my window tells me that the SF summer is upon us! Thus, there are quite a few young new faces around the space. Though many of you more experienced Hubbers will be taking a bit of a holiday yourselves, I would encourage you to reach out to the next generation of social entrepreneurs. There is much to learn on both sides.

With all these new folks, I think it’s time for a reminder about the privacy booths! The members are many and the booths are but 7. So all are requested to keep their use of these precious commodities to 2 hours. Please erase your name if you are not going to use it and be ready to change when your time is up. We just want to keep this place fluid.

As many of you know, this summer will also bring the addition of over 9000sq. ft. to Hub San Francisco!! In a few weeks, we will be expanding into the second floor of the Chronicle Building. More serendipity, more radical collaborations, and most of all, more space! We will be adding 14 offices upstairs as well, and anyone that is interested in this as a work option should fill this out!

If you have an interest in sustainable food, we’re still looking for additional volunteers to help out on Tuesday at this invitation only event to celebrate the launch of “Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All”  Read here for more details.

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best!


P.S. We have two great stories for you below, please be sure to check them out!

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Hub Stories

“There are a couple things I have been really proud of in my life. One was working on the Obama campaign, since it was the first real entrepreneurial thing I’d done. I was placed in a rural Republican county in Michigan, and for the first three weeks my office was a local McDonald’s. I was told to create a network of people who would vote for this presidential candidate: basically, I was tasked to build an organization all by myself, with no budget.” Continue Reading –>

“He decided to create a website where all his personal information would go up online: he would be completely transparent and try to prove his innocence. He posted all his bank transactions, posted all of his telephone logs, and wore a GPS bracelet so you could track him at any particular time in any particular place. He’s been on the watch list for seven years, and he’s only one of two people that we’re aware of that has been that interrogated by the FBI that hasn’t landed in Guantanamo for being a potential terrorist.” Continue Reading –>

Events not to miss!

Hub Workbench


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