Meet your hosts : Allan Yu

Allan - Hub Bay Area InternGreetings Hubbers,

I’m Allan, the new Intern at the Hub.  My first day was incredibly inspiring, having spent the evening drunk of inspiration at the dry run for Hub Ventures Investor Day to watch 5-minute pitches for fifteen impressive startups that are trying to change the world for the better.  If I had any extra cash, I’d invest in all of them.

For now, I’m a student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Computer Science.   I’m interested in Human Computer Interaction and User Interface/Experience Design.  I’m spending this summer learning how to develop for mobile devices, so if you are part of a tech startup or have an idea for a silly iPhone app, I want to talk to you!

In addition to academics, I’m involved with the student-run Cal Marching Band.  Last season I designed and choreographed the halftime show at Big Game versus Stanford  Next season, I will be  Drum Major!

Graduation fast approaches and I will soon be thrust into life after college.. with no idea what I want to do or where I want to go.  I am still very much in the exploration stage, and for that reason feel very fortunate to spend the remainder of this internship being surrounded by inspiring Hubbers working on projects of all sorts!

Hub Berkeley Intern

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