Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Raw Matching Power

People are on the Hunt.

People are looking to build great teams. Here’s a great blog post from back in April, posted by folks over at CrowdSpring. It goes into some key factors when putting your team together. Hubbers are looking to match with partners, executives, and co-conspirators. The registration is picking up for this Thursday’s Hub Matching: Founders for Change event, sponsored by our partners at Dominican University Green MBA, and there’s a great extended network showing up. Join the hunt, and register soon. 

There’s also a great Sexy Salad Hub Lab Discussion this Wednesday on Raw Food. There’s going to be amazing Almond Milk and COOKIES. We promise it won’t be like this: 

Raw, Matching Power.


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Hub Stories

“There are a couple things that I have been really proud of in my life. One was working on the Obama campaign, since it was the first real entrepreneurial thing I’d done. I was placed in a rural Republican county in Michigan, and for the first three weeks my office was a local McDonald’s. I was told to create a network of people who would vote for this presidential candidate: basically, I was tasked to build an organization all by myself, with no budget. By the end, we had a network of 200 active volunteers who were excited about what we were doing. The experience of building a functioning network in very little time with no budget except my small stipend was very valuable. I was actually on the phone with my head volunteer yesterday, and he was telling me how their last Democratic meeting was packed with over one hundred people in this small room. It made me feel that I really did something positive.” Continue Reading –>

Hub Workbench

Hub Lab Sexy Salad Discussion: Focus on Food – Learn to Make Raw Cookies and Almond Milk

THIS WEDNESDAY, June  22, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Office Hours: Career and Business Coaching with Amanda Gerrie

THIS WEDNESDAY, June 22, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: Collaboration 101 – Facilitating a Great Meeting, Everytime – the Basics

Thursday, June 23, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: Get Your Point Across to Decision-Makers

Thursday, July 28, at Hub Berkeley 


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