Meet Your Hosts: Diana Wattanapongsakorn

Hello Hub Bay Area!

My name is Diana Wattanapongsakorn and I am currently an Event Planning Intern here at the Hub.  I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley where I am studying Sociology and Public Policy.  I enjoy reading about social theory; from Marx and Lenin to Gramsci and Foucault, so please feel free to come talk to me about them!

I believe that a large component of my studies is being able to apply knowledge gained from the classroom to the outside world. My field of interest includes medical sociology (specifically how poor living conditions and socioeconomic standing effect one’s health outcomes) and I believe that sustainable practices go hand in hand with social responsibility. In the future, I hope to have a career in business consultation and help others realize that the pursuit of profits can be in line with the pursuit of social and environmental responsibility.

I also enjoy biking, good food, drawing, foosball, and going back and roaming around Thailand whenever I get the chance.  Come say hi, I would love to get the chance to get to meet you all.

Your new intern,

Diana Wattanapongsakorn
Hub Berkeley  |  Event Planning Intern


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