Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up: SOCAP Europe Success!!

Hey Hubbers,

Just wanted to share the great news about the success of the SOCAP Europe inaugural event in Amsterdam. Over 650 individuals representing 50 countries and 6 continents exemplified the growing movements global relevance and scope. HRH Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, the UN appointed advocate for Inclusive Finance, set the tone with her opening keynote. The 3-day event continued with an Innovation Showcase, Open Space sessions and promising new connections driving the movement forward.

Maybe you’ve noticed a few changes around the space in the last couple weeks; the new steps which have replaced the bookcase in the front; alterations to the Host desk; a spiral staircase in the gallery, and soon, a new locker system and seating area added to the entrance. The Italian has been busy! Andrea Paoletti, design manager of Hub Milan and Hub Rovereto in Italy, is still looking for some enthusiastic Hubbers to share their thoughts on what this space needs. We just want to hear more of your great ideas!! Email photographs, ideas, or feedback to Or just find him in the space for a discussion. He’d love to meet you.

Hub Ventures Fast Pitch: Wednesday, June 15 at 6:30: You are all invited to watch presentations from the Hub Ventures participants in a fast-pitch format.  You’ve probably met many of them around the space, and now you can see their presentations on their business plans in the fields of technology and services for change, public health, off-grid renewable energy, civic engagement, local food systems, and more. For any questions, please email

Intersection has opened up another great exhibit! Chico and Chang opened on Saturday with a great turnout! This group exhibition looks at the impact of Latino and Asian cultures on California’s visual landscape through new sculpture, video, and painting. Please take a moment to check out the new exhibit.

Of everyone who reads this I like you the best.


Hub Stories

“You know how you listen to music sometimes and it just brings you back to a certain time and place? I was listening to Pink in the car the other day, and I was brought back to when I was in middle school. And I just started crying. Because I realized that when I was younger I always just wanted to wok on India — nothing job-specific, just that I wanted to make an impact there. And here I am, doing exactly that, full time. Thanks to Hub Ventures and just being very lucky, I am one of the few people that I can say I’m doing exactly what I always wanted to do when I was little” Continue Reading

Hub Workbench 

Hub Lab Thursday, June 16 : It’s All About the Perks – Creating Winning Employee Benefit Strategies  This lab is going to cover the basics of Employee Benefits. Topics will range from implementing group health plans, disability insurance strategies for business owners, buy-sell agreements utilizing life insurance, and 401k Plans


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