Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Doodling

Blank Canvass = Adrenaline Rush

There’s something so uniquely intriguing about that white desert. An empty void on any surface. Even the space in the letter ‘O’; I bet you’ve filled that gap in with a pen or a pencil at some point in your life. It’s funny how these spaces of Nothing, draw so much from Everything. Which makes me supremely happy to say IdeaPaint and AusPen have partnered with us to equip our spaces with these blank canvasses, and the tools to fill them in.

With the buckets IdeaPaint has provided us, we’re going to get creative with where our members can ideate (and mind you, on environmentally high standard paint!). With new shipments of AusPens, we’ll continue to save the world from having to toss our dry erase markers out every month (instead of contributing to the 400,000,000 markers tossed every year!) 

Hopefully, these new surfaces of limitless ideas will contribute to your ongoing mission of perfecting the Art of Brainstorming

Doodle On, My Friends.


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Hub Stories

“You know how you listen to music sometimes and it just brings you back to a certain time and place? I was listening to Pink in the car the other day, and I was brought back to when I was in middle school. And I just started crying. Because I realized that when I was younger I always just wanted to wok on India — nothing job-specific, just that I wanted to make an impact there. And here I am, doing exactly that, full time. Thanks to Hub Ventures and just being very lucky, I am one of the few people that I can say I’m doing exactly what I always wanted to do when I was little” Continue Reading –>

Hub Workbench

Hub Lab Sexy Salad Discussion: Digging into the Underground Food Movement

THIS WEDNESDAY, June  15, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: It’s All About the Perks – Creating Winning Employee Benefit Strategies

THIS THURSDAY, June 16, at Hub San Francisco

Hub Office Hours: Career and Business Coaching with Amanda Gerrie

Wednesday, June 22, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: Collaboration 101 – Facilitating a Great Meeting, Everytime – the Basics

Thursday, June 23, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: Get Your Point Across to Decision-Makers

Thursday, July 28, at Hub Berkeley 


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