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Hi Hubbers!
I don’t know if you realised that we have tried to implement the acoustic quality inside of the Hubble SoMa.
It has been a curious process.
We found an interesting company in Minnesota because they produce high performance acoustical material made from recycled cotton.
We liked the idea of having the material on the ceiling because of the aestetic appeal and the addition of warmer natural elements.
I asked them to work on the shape and make circles instead of squares.
The answer was “no one asked that before, we have to test if we can do that!”. Wow I thought! That’s great.
After they tested, they responded that they couldn’t because we were buying just a small quantity of material.
But we didn’t give up and we transformed it into an one of a kind invention.
From that started the Big Bang installation.
We cut every piece by hand, wasting as less as we could, creating a material whirlpool.
The concept is an explosion generated from the centre of the Hub SoMa, like ideas flowing in the space, creating a multiplication of expanded thoughts.
I was looking for images of the Big Bang and i found that the origin of the Big Bang theory can be credited to Edwin Hubble.
Hubble made the observation that the universe is continuously expanding in every direction.
Is not that a surprising free association, that the new installation is called Big Bang and our space is called Hubble?!
Hope you can enjoy it!
We are always looking for your support and feed back to make the space unique! So if you feel like joining our co-design and/or co-creation team, please write me at


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2 responses to “Hub Co-Design | Big Bang

  1. Awesome stuff, Andrea! Keep up the good work… but we miss you in Milan, so don’t enjoy Bay Area too much!!!

  2. Great, I love that. Sounds are very important in the everyday life, both at work and in the spare time. You’ve always wonderful ideas, but are you thinking of something similiar for Via Sarpi too? 😉

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