Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Game On

Get Ready.

RippleQ (a Hub member!) believes in the power of peoples’ actions within a community. And they believe in the power of drawing these actions out through friendly competition and games. Who says creating change can’t be ultra-fun? With RippleQ’s unique platform, members will have a greater time engaging with one another; more connections, more collaboration, more valuable skill sharing. Plus prizes and other goodies! Look out for the official announcement this week, and get ready to game on!

RippleQ engages members with new platforms like Hub Matching; we will kick off this platform with an event that matches founders for change; Join us on Thursday, June 23 at Hub Berkeley to meet your next Co-Founder, CTO, intern manager, and more! Food and organic beer will be served!

Can Summer arrive already?


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Hub Stories

“Couchsurfers just want to meet people, see the world, and enjoy life. That’s what I love about couch-surfing: you never know what’ll happen. Recently I met the coolest couple from Barcelona for lunch. I took them to the Cheeseboard, but after I felt like I hadn’t had enough! So we had breakfast the next day, and I took them on a little foor tour in West Berkeley. I thought: this is amazing! I should start a food tour here! I hadn’t realized how densely there were a few places to go. I took them to the Takara Sake plant, and June Taylor jams: she loves when people come in, and she’s the ultimate artisan. And then there’s Vik’s Chaat House, a popular Indian house, and Cultured, with the pickles and sauerkraut. They don’t really have a tour, but they’re there chopping and you can taste. After a stop at the Hub where they felt the vibe, they said “We don’t want to leave Berkeley!” Continue Reading –>

Hub Workbench

Hub Lab: Awesome Solutions for Small Business

Thursday, June 9, at Hub San Francisco

Hub Lab: Collaboration 101 – Facilitating a Great Meeting, Everytime – the Basics

Thursday, June 30, at Hub Berkeley

Hub Lab: Get Your Point Across to Decision-Makers

Thursday, July 28, at Hub Berkeley 

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