Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up: Celebrating Art

Hey Hubbers,

Sorry for the delay this week, seems the list never gets any shorter!

Wine Down Friday @ 530: Join our special guest, artist David Alan Boyd, who will be hosting Wine Down this Friday, at 530pm. He will discuss the works up around the space which many of you may have seen. There will be wine and cheese and all are welcome…bring a friend!!

We have had some really successful Sexy Salads for the past few weeks. They seem to keep getting better! In part, the lunches are successful because of the wonderful people at Albert and Eve, who generously donate a couple boxes of food each week. We need your help keeping this salad sexy. If you want a box delivered to your home or for pick up here at The Hub please go to Albert and Eve use one of the following codes accordingly:

  1. Have the box delivered to the Hub, and get 10% the whole order with this code: Hub9023 or
  2. Get the box delivered to your home, and every 4th box will be FREE with this code: Hub9023-HD.
The chefs are here to help you learn how to prepare these great boxes of food in your home, so get yours ordered today and help us keep the salad Sexy!!
DID YOU KNOW…that you can go up on the roof of the Chronicle Building? The Noon Edition is the rooftop deck which can be accessed by the back stairwell. There’s a great picnic area up there where you can enjoy your lunch in the sun. Talk to a host if you need help finding your way!
Spread the word about Impact-UHub Bay Area is running a summer program with Impact Corps. We will be providing an opportunity for the next generation of talent to pursue their interests within the impact sector.  Impact-U is a three month weekend membership that provides current graduate and undergraduate upperclassman students an environment to build their network, knowledge-base and/or start-up company. If you have other questions, or know someone who would be interested, please email
Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.

Hub Stories

“While interning in Kyrgyzstan, I learned about some of the logistical challenges of doing programming abroad. If you’re doing cash distribution, you can’t just acquire money and hand it out to a bunch of people. You have to be really strategic about who’s getting the money. It’s ideal to have two waiting areas to manage the flow — because if you don’t people tend to flood in and crowd the table. That’s not a comment on other countries — the same thing would happen here. It’s just people. I ride the N line in the morning. I see what happens!” Continue Reading –>

June 9 12pm-1pm [Hub Lab: Awesome Solutions for Small Business] RSVP:
The Hub Lab will cover three topics relating to small businesses and sole proprietorships:
  1. The advantages of incorporating and the various corporate structures available
  2. Available alternatives for cash reserves that could yield higher returns than traditional bank accounts
  3. The importance of small business retirement accounts and the tax benefits associated with them.
June 16 12pm-1pm [Hub Lab: It’s All About the Perks-Creating Winning employee Benefit Strategies] RSVP:
This lab is going to cover the basics of Employee Benefits. Topics will range from implementing group health plans and also other ancillary benefits that are available. We will cover disability insurance stragegies for business owners and buy-sell agreements utilizing life insurance. Lastly we will cover 401k Plans, major changes in the 401k plan space and other more basic types of retirement plan options for businesses.

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