[Week Ten] Hub Ventures : Preparation of Hub Ventures Investor Day

This week Wes Selke, Hub Ventures Director and Investment Manager at Good Capital, led a session that covered due diligence processes and how to keep the momentum going after presenting to investors to increase the chances of the companies raising capital. The due diligence process is fairly complicated, and there is a lot of information that potential investors will want to see.

The workshop covered the important resources to put together to expedite the process such as company profiles, personal references, financial reports, legal documents, etc.

This session was in preparation to Hub Ventures Investor Day, which is coming up on June 16.

Next week will be presentations by the cohort participants in preparation for Hub Ventures Investor Day. It will also be when the semifinalist round of the Hub Ventures $75,000 investments are determined by the group.

Share your idea with cohorts

Q. What are the differences between investors in terms of the information that they care about and will want to see?
A.  Check what your cohorts think about it

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