Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Extra Feel Goods

Meditation > Yoga > Massage

In that order, prepare for those back to back feel goodies beginning this Thursday.

Why would it be good to participate? Just a little over a week ago, Fast Company magazine had a terrific article of how mindfulness correlates with our creative juices.

Besides, it’s simple to participate:

You want to meditate?

You want a massage?

You want to get a stretch in and do some Yoga right before lunch? Come out to the David Brower Center 2nd Floor terrace this Friday at Noon. Dress comfortably. If you have a mat, bring one! If you don’t, no worries!

Feel Good about Yourself,


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Hub Stories

“While interning in Kyrgyzstan, I learned about some of the logistical challenges of doing programming abroad. If you’re doing cash distribution, you can’t just acquire money and hand it out to a bunch of people. You have to be really strategic about who’s getting the money. It’s ideal to have two waiting areas to manage the flow — because if you don’t people tend to flood in and crowd the table. That’s not a comment on other countries — the same thing would happen here. It’s just people. I ride the N line in the morning. I see what happens!” Continue Reading –>

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Thursday, July 28, at Hub Berkeley 

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