Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up: Summer Comes!

Hey Hubbers,

Last weekend I saw a great movie called Pelada. It was a documentary about a couple from the US traveling the world looking for pick-up games of soccer. And they found games: in the alleys, in the fields, in the desert, in the prisons. I couldn’t help thinking of the global aspect of the Hub. With 30 Hubs worldwide, everywhere you go, you find people starting businesses that build a better world. So, if your summer plans are taking you out of the country, check the website, or check in with a host to see if there are folks to meet where you are going. Chances are, the Hub will have a connection for you.

Here in SF, Hub Bay Area is running a summer program with Impact Corps. We will be providing an opportunity for the next generation of talent to pursue their interests within the impact sector.  Impact-U is a three month weekend membership that provides current graduate and undergraduate upperclassman students an environment to build their network, knowledge-base and/or start-up company. If you have other questions, please email

Great Impact Management Intensive with SVT Group: Saturday May 28, 2011* |  9AM-5PM @ the Hub

And if you haven’t heard, Hub Ventures is pleased to team with SVT Group to offer a pilot Great Impact Management Intensive workshop for those seeking to master the mystery of impact measurement! This one-day intensive will focus on issues for early-stage for-profit companies, but you don’t have to be one to participate! We’ll use groups from Hub Ventures as live cases and teams of participants will create impact maps and key performance indicators using core impact management principles. You will emerge with principles and templates to guide your own impact analysis of any organization.

 *Jetting overseas and can’t be there in person? Talk to us! We’re testing skype as a way to involve remote participants.

  • Hub Ventures: $150 (a staggering 85% discount!)
  • Hub Members: $250 (a hefty 75% discount!)
  • Non-members: $500 (a generous 50% discount!)
Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.

Hub Calendar

Hub Stories

“The conference we’re at today is called ‘Advancing the New Machine: How do we use technology for human rights?’ It covers everything from election monitoring to geo-spatial mapping. I’m so excited to be a part of this. I was in India last year starting a pilot project, watching the recordings of this conference– and it was very inspirational to me. It’s such a blessing to be a part of it this year.” Continue Reading

Hub Workbench 

Thursday, May 26 Hub Lab : Challenge The Process–Taking Risks and Learning From Mistakes RSVP:

Great  leaders are willing to step in to the unknown and challenge the current system to create a new one. They know that risk taking involves mistakes and failure, so they treat the inevitable disappointments as learning opportunities.  Here are a few of the exercises and discussion topics:

  • Where do good ideas come from?
  • Take Risks and Learn from Mistakes
  • Focusing on Small Wins
  • Take it One Step at a Time.
Thursday, June 9 Hub Lab : Awesome Solutions for Small Businesses
The Hub Lab will cover three topics relating to small businesses and sole proprietorships. The first topic will cover the advantages of incorporating and the various corporate structures available. The second topic will cover available alternatives for cash reserves that could yield higher returns than traditional bank accounts. The last topic will cover the importance of small business retirement accounts and the tax benefits associated with them.

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