Happy Anniversary Hub San Francisco!!

Happy Anniversary Hubbers!!

Well folks, it’s been an intense and exciting 12 months, but we made it through the first year. When we opened our doors on May 17, 2010, we had no idea what we were in for. On numbers alone, we have surpassed all other Hubs in size of space, number of events, and of course, members. We have created the most vibrant, most diverse, and most active community in the network. And we haven’t slowed down yet. Hub Workbench, Hub Clubs, Sexy Salad…this is all you and this is just the beginning. And in less than 2 months, we will double the physical size we are now by adding 14 new offices within 10,000 sq. ft. on the second floor of the Chronicle Building.  Excited?

And, of course, Hub Ventures. This new initiative has brought both an innovative funding project to the space along with an exceptional cohort. They are regularly in the space and I highly encourage reaching out to them. It has also expanded on the wealth of tools and resources accessible in the space.

So what’s in store? Well, that is up to all of us. From my perspective, the theme for the next year is connection. We will be running more programming and providing you with new tools to reach deeper into this amazing network. With a continually growing community, Hub Hosts are always open to new and efficient ways to bring together individuals, groups, clubs, mentors, students, funders, and you. You are who we want to meet, to see again, to reconnect with. You are the reason all this is happening. You are the Hub. And with you, we will continue to build upon the change we have started.

As always, of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.

Happy Anniversary,


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