[Week Eight] Hub Ventures: How to Deliver a Winning Investor Presentation

This week was all about proper delivery and content for giving high quality presentations. Paul Weiss, who helps companies going through the Keiretsu Forum with their presentation skills, led the evening.

To start off, Paul invited Nick Mueller from a company called There to give a presentation that demonstrated proper delivery and specific topics that need to be covered when presenting to a group of investors. Gene Chien, the Entrepreneur Director for Keiretsu Forum, then spoke about the Keiretsu process and gave some great pointers about what to pay attention to and what to avoid.

The majority of the evening, Paul was speaking about proper presentation do’s and don’ts.  In his extensive experience there have been lots of blunders and mistakes that entrepreneurs make that can detract or ruin an investor presentation.  Some topics included: know and speak to your audience, have a good balance between business model/actual product/deal structure, customize the presentation to each individual audience, make sure to include competition and risks, have humor and humility, maintain a style of your own, and many more.

At the end of the evening, two Hub Ventures participants, Labor Voices and Spyglass, presented to the group and everyone provided feedback based on their content and presentation skills.

What are the essential topics that need to be covered in an investor pitch, especially considering rigid time constraints?

Next week is the second installment of Pitches and Pints.  All the Hub Ventures participants will be presenting their updated business models and investor pitches to the group and will receive feedback from their peers.

Remember to continue this discussion of ideas on Twitter: @HubVentures

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