Hub Co-Design | Let the co-creation begin!

Hey hubbers here we are!


See some of the pictures that we have taken during the first hours of our co-creation for the space enhancements in the current Hub SoMa space. It has been fun.

We have started transforming the restroom so it will be out of order for next couple of days, please excuse the inconvenience, while we create a better environment for you to do your “business”.

We are interested in getting members involved. We want your hands involved in the process! This is a very unique opportunity to co-create the space with Hub staff and leave your mark embracing your creative side! And we want to listen to your ideas and create a collaborative design dialogue.

You can also take photos of design that inspires you and send them to us, for example rip out magazine articles. Your inspiration could be a beautiful object, a building, a place, or anything you see as you walked down the street or in restaurant or in collaborative environments..

We look forward to your collaboration!

You can email me directly at:

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