Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up: Coming Together

Hey Hubbers,

As many of you know by now, we are building out an additional space upstairs from our current space. It will nearly double our size and will be bringing in all sorts of new groups, some of which are already here! You may have noticed Universal Giving hunkered down in the back black board room table (sorry about that Mark). I encourage everyone to stop in and say hello.

Speaking of saying hello, Sexy Salad this week is a treat. In addition to the amazing meal, we have a few of the Hub Ventures folks sitting in to talk about their project, experience and story. We are fortunate to be joined by Kohl Gill of Labor Voices, Chris Melançon of SpyGlass, and Swapnil Chaturvedi of San + Co. Come by to find out more!

As always, you can help Ben prepare, help us clean up, bring something to share or just donate. However, we are building out this program in a couple ways:

  1. Do you know a guest chef that you think would be great for preparing a Sexy Salad? Are you that chef? Take the stage and show Hub San Francisco what you got!
  2. Join the new Hub Food Club to network in the good food movement and eat local, organic food with great people.

Food is not your thing? But you still want to get involved. Perhaps you got an eye for design? Andrea Paoletti, design manager of Hub Milan and Hub Rovereto in Italy, has joined our team and is looking for some enthusiastic Hubbers to share their thoughts on what this space needs. As he writes:

I’d like to make myself available to Hub members to listen to your ideas and create a collaborative design dialogue. Share your design ideas and I will do my best to take them into consideration as I design the look and utility of the new space.  Take photos of design that inspires you and send them to me. You can also rip out magazine articles and give those to me too.  You can email me directly at: 

Also, I am interested in getting members involved in the build of our new office and space enhancements.  We’ll be designing new furniture, installing lighting, painting, creating artwork, etc, and we want your hands involved in the process!  This is a very unique opportunity to co-create the space with Hub staff and leave your mark!

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


Hub Stories

I was matched up with a 94 year old woman. She was in nursing home near where I worked at the Moore foundation…The foundation had just been established and it was a crazy time. We were building everything from scratch, things were changing all the time. It was exciting but those were stressful days. Once a week I would go over and see her, and that would all just melt away. I was working 12-14 hours a day, and at the time I didn’t have a family, and I was doing this typical career thing where you’re operating with total tunnel vision. She pulled me out of that — and my isolation. Continue Reading –>

Hub Clubs

Hub Club Update: 2 new clubs! 

Writers Club: Join a group of Hub members intent on helping each other create the space needed in busy lives to get our thoughts down on paper.  Whether you are looking for your next publisher or just want to give your forgotten journal a little more love, join us every other Monday night from 7 – 9pm for some solid writing time.

Food Club: Are you interested in food? Cooking it, eating it, celebrating the community it creates? Join the new Hub Food Club to network in the good food movement and eat local, organic food with great people. First, join us on Friday May 20th from 5pm – 8pm at Hub Soma during wine down for some tapas and flamenco dancing. Then, come to Berkeley on May 25th for a potluck where we can continue our discussions about building a great Hub community of food lovers.

And, as always, join the whiskey club in our monthly get-togethers on the third Tuesday of every month– coming right up on May 17th, 5pm, location TBA.

Hub Workbench

  • Thursday May 12 @ 12pm in the Lighthouse Hub Labs: Writing to Make A Difference w/ Dalya Massachi Join us as we explore how to plan, draft, and edit polished pieces that will help you reach a whole new level of effectiveness. You will leave inspired and equipped with new tools to begin using immediately. This highly interactive and practical workshop draws on the new book “Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.”
  • Thursday May 19 @ 12p in the Lighthouse Hub Labs: Patents 101 This presentation will explain the basics of patent law. It’s meant for non-lawyers and will cover:
  1. What a patent is?
  2. Why you might want a patent?
  3. How you get a patent?
  4. How you protect a patent?
  5. How you attack a patent?
  6. What patents cover?


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