Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up: Hub Lunch 2

Hey Hubbers

Have you all noticed that the space is pretty hopping these days. Perhaps it’s from all the publicity we’ve been getting, like this article in Fast Company…oops that’s not it, I mean THIS article in Fast Company. Shameless, really.

Though there has been quite a bit going on in the space recently, and I just want to ask everyone to keep the place open as it always has been by:

  • Inviting that new member to come sit next to you
  • Booking out those privacy booths if you need to make a call (no longer than 2 hours please)
  • Joining us for Sexy Salad Pot Luck Lunch!!

You may have noticed that the lunch has been delicious lately. It doesn’t stop today! Ben Barton is back and will be cooking up a storm. You can participate in any of the following ways:

  • Helping with prep or clean up
  • Bringing some food of your own, or if none of this works for you
  • Providing a donation to keep this ongoing ($5 suggestion, which is a steal in this town)

As always, Albert and Eve have donated a delicious box of fruits and veggies for this week’s lunch. They are still running that great deal for Hub Members which allows you to either:

  1. Have the box delivered to the Hub, and get 10% the whole order with this code: Hub9023 or
  2. Get the box delivered to your home, and every 4th box will be FREE with this code: Hub9023-HD.
HUB VENTURES LUNCH: Next Tuesday, May 10, join Hub Ventures members and other Hubbers for a “Meet the Ventures” lunch. This is an opportunity to get to know a few Hub Ventures members and learn about the amazing work they are doing. We hope you’ll join us!
Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.

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