Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Shift

Change is Hard.

Science says so. In this 2005 Fast Company oldie, but goodie, Deutschman took a hard look into Change; the emotional influences, how our bodies, minds react; how many of the successful businesses today went through hell and back to create change. Six years later, this information is still relevant to the 800 Hubbers in our community, and to our extended network of changemakers.

How did TOMS shoes do it? How did they frame their mission, and exemplify the ‘One-For-One’ model? Come by Hub Berkeley tomorrow, Tuesday (5/3) at 7 PM to see a short documentary film on their road to creating impact, while enjoying some Jupiter beer and pizza.

What did 10,000 young people do in DC in the middle of April, and how are they creating a massive shift in the way people approach alternative energy and green jobs? Join other Power Shift individuals this Wednesday (5/4) to discuss changing California and beyond.

And how is Fair Trade USA tapping into the artistic & cultural roots of change? Join us Next Friday (5/13) for a special wine down with amazing artists from Peru, and see how they are changing the world with their craft.

How are you approaching Change? Through fear? Joy? Science? Stories?

To continued seasons of change,


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“The Community Panel was amazing. Our keynote speaker was this woman named Dr. Barbara Staggers, the leading adolescent health expert in the country. She specifically came early to address the youth in a small side room, before she addressed the whole audience. She told them what an honor it was to witness what they’re doing. The defining moment was when she got up to give her speech after seeing some of the youth presentations — and she was speechless. She thanked the youth, and it was really powerful. She was just in awe of the work that they’re doing.”

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[Trying Something New…]

In our ongoing effort to help you find your next co-founder/intern/staff member, we’ve scrapped our old Hub Wanted Dashboard; it just couldn’t keep up with the frequent real-time changes that your company actually experiences. Let’s try out a Hub Matching Tweetboard. Whenever you want to post an opportunity, simply use


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