Hub San Francisco Weekly Roll Up:

Hey Hubbers,

Things have finally slowed down a bit as spring takes a hold of the city. I hope you are all getting a chance to get enjoy the warming weather, spend some time outside the workspace, and relax with friends and family.

Here at the Hub, we are working to create a more connected space. Many of you have taken part in Sexy Salad on Tuesdays. We will be looking for feedback from you all today to see how to make this more interactive, either through bringing food or getting to help out with the prep. Please join us today for this lunch; Ben Barton is back to help prepare lunch again, and get to know your community a bit.

We have already been gathering quite a few stories over the last few months, which we have shared with you and plan to make fully accessible shortly. Additionally in the works will be a space dedicated for telling your story, feeding back on the space and community, and taking part in conversations about the Hub and the associated businesses and ideas. Stand by…

As always, to help with all social media questions, Triple Pundit will be holding office hours this Thursday! Curious about how to leverage blogging and social media to further your business? Hub partner Triple Pundit   is pleased to announce that they will be be hosting exclusive office hours for Hub members the last Thursday of every month from 3-6 in San Francisco.  Don’t miss your chance to ask that burning social media questions and sign up here.

Also on Thursday, Jon Titchener will be running a Hub Lab on Inspiring a Shared Vision. This lab will provide exercises, practices and group discussions on how to create a vision that others will follow. RSVP:

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


[Hub Stories]

My Spanish was pretty good, and because I didn’t look like a typical American, the people thought I was Dominican. While other Peace Corps volunteers were getting yelled at – (“Go home Yanqui!”) – I could walk down the street un-harrassed. They would all wave at me and say ‘Heyyy, Chino!” They thought I was the son of a local Chinese restaurant owner! 

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  • Thursday, April 28 HUB LAB: Inspire a Shared Vision–Join Jon Titchner as he discusses how leaders who inspire a shared vision can gaze across the horizon of time and imagine the greater opportunities to for the common good. RSVP:
  • Thursday, April 28 OFFICE HOURS with Triple Pundit— Set up a time with 3P to discuss how to leverage blogging and social media to further your business? Follow this link to choose a time

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