Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Connect

Come Connect in the Space.

Plenty of chances to meet new faces this week through next:

Today, Tuesday, if you feel like you can’t write, bring your colleagues and join Sondra Hall in the Hubble at noon as she teaches how to effectively write for anything.

On Wednesday, there’s Sexy Salad as always, but  we’re also going to bring some hot topics into the Hubble to chat about. Bring your thoughts along with those baby carrots for this one.

Continuing onto Thursday, we have another Hub Lab for anyone that ever encounters international currencies (transactions, funding, import/export, and more). Join Nick Penaloza as he helps you navigate this tricky and important information.

And Finally, to close out Thursday, join Augusta Hopkins in the Hubble in the highly popular Hub Wellness: Meditation. Need to manage your time? Not to worry! You have an option to join the short session (30 minutes), or the full session (1 hour).

Many opportunities to collide and create serendipitous moments.



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[Hub Stories]

My Spanish was pretty good, and because I didn’t look like a typical American, the people thought I was Dominican. While other Peace Corps volunteers were getting yelled at – (“Go home Yanqui!”) – I could walk down the street un-harrassed. They would all wave at me and say ‘Heyyy, Chino!” They thought I was the son of a local Chinese restaurant owner! 

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[Hub Workbench]

Hub Labs: Effective Writing for Everything

At Hub Berkeley, TODAY, TUESDAY, 12:00 -1:00 PM

Hub Office Hours: Career Coaching with Amanda Gerrie

At Hub Berkeley, THIS WEDNESDAY, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hub Labs: Handling International Currency for Your Business

At Hub Berkeley, THIS THURSDAY, 12:00 – 1:00 PM


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