Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Earth.

It’s Earth Week.

And what an appropriate even we have for this Thursday: an evening with To-Go Ware’s founder, Stephanie Bernstein. Join us for an evening of Zero-Waste, and a chat about how to maintain your company’s mission and brand integrity, even under the toughest circumstances.

But before we kick off Thurday’s event, let’s partake in festivities throughout the week:

Today, Tuesday: Why not drop by the Derby St. Farmer’s Market to pick up your Sexy Salad item? A quick midday bike-break can’t hurt.

Tomorrow, Wednesday: Please join Pilar Reber of Sunnyside Organics, as she tells her inspiring story, and talks to us about the food we eat. Afterwards, maybe you’ll be inspired to cook up a storm of organic goodness. With our recent partnership with Albert & Eve, we have 2 great deals for you Hubbers: 1. Have the box delivered to either Hub location, and get 10% off the whole order, or 2: Get the box delivered to your home, and every 4th box will be FREE. Members can get codes to redeem these offers by emailing

Lastly, with great weather coming up this Friday, let’s plan on having Wine Down on the Terrace. We’ll join some of the Brower Center tenants over some good wine and good company.

Happy Earth Week!


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When Chris was on his honeymoon in Turkey, he encountered a unique spice blend he couldn’t forget. Baharat, which means “spices” in Arabic, is often used to season lamb, fish, chicken, beef, and soups in the Middle East. The spice left a certain sentimental memory on Chris’ palate that followed him home to the U.S., where “barbecue is serious business,” but something is still missing from the cooking experience. continue reading–>

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