Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Picnics, Art, and Wine

Lunch in the Sun.
It’s that time of the year to enjoy your lunch outside. Some people bring their lunch from home, some grab things to-go. Have you ever thought about what you’re carrying your lunch in?


Next Thursday, Stephanie Bernstein, CEO and founder of To-Go Ware (those awesome stainless steel tiffins!), will participate in our “Good Business at the Hub” series to chat with folks about her journey into zero-waste. She will be facilitating a round-robin session, giving participants a chance to have the sustainability of their operations assessed, and their overall strategy and philosophy tested. So, “Reduce your Forkprint,” and join us next week!

And in about a month, Peruvian artists on tour will be coming to Hub Berkeley to exhibit their amazing work, along with Fair Trade certified wine poured all evening. Friday, May 13 will be an especially special wine down, so please join us at Hub Berkeley, along with our friends at Fair Trade USA, for a great evening of international art and wine.

Wine, Dine, Repeat,

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[Hub Stories]

“It was humbling to walk in and meet with some of the top lighting designers in the Bay with just my concept drawings. They’d ask, ‘Where’s your prototype?’ and I didn’t have one. I wanted to ask first, build later. I listened to their input, and they told me exactly what they needed, but couldn’t find. I needed a 75 watt incandescent equivalent not a 40 watt, so I put 16 LED’s into our light and just fought to get the price down. Now we have it– we did it.” Continue reading

[Hub Workbench]

Hub Lab: Collaborating for Change Pt. 1
At Hub SoMa, April 12

Hub Lab: Effective Writing for Everything
At Hub Berkeley, Tuesday, April 26

Hub Office Hours: Career & Business Coaching with Amanda Gerrie
At Hub Berkeley, Wednesday, April 27

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