Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: “Bicycle! Bicycle!”

“I want to ride my Bicycle!” – Queen 

This Wednesday, TED Talk Alum Marcus Hays will be showing off his PiCycles – these are electric bicycles not yet on the market. It looks like it will be clear skies on Wednesday, so come on over to Hub Berkeley – maybe bike on over! There is Limited Seating, so please register.

And as we continue to create Hub Wellness options for your work flow, we would like to re-introduce Meditation led by Augusta Hopkins. These popular sessions will begin Next Thursday at 1:00 PM in the Hubble. Also, don’t forget the other part of Hub Wellness: Free Massages every Monday.

Before I ride off into the sunset, one more awesome opportunity: SOCAP is giving everybody $20 to invest in global microfinance! NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Please review the linked blog for full detail.

Ride On,

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[Hub Stories]

“It was a joining of Hub SoMa and Hub Berkeley. Holiday parties are one of those typical office things that people look forward to, it gives you a sense of being a part of the community. We all kind of came together to let our guard down.” Maura remembers rocking out on the dance floor and having a blast. “You see people in a different light, when they’re not in work mode. It’s really nice.” Continue reading →

[Hub Workbench]

Hub Office Hours: Strategy Consulting with La Wanda Smith
At Hub Berkeley, April 6 

Hub Lab: Deconstruct and Double Check Your Marketing Plan
At Hub Berkeley, April 7

Hub Lab: Collaborating for Change Pt. 1
At Hub SoMa, April 12

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